When are you at your best?

Let’s design a better way of working. Find more play within our work. Build human resilience. Deliver stronger performance.

More effective decisions

Your organisation is only as valuable as the decisions it makes and executes. When resilience is in short supply, decision-making is hampered.

More inclusive collaboration

Play fast-tracks and maintains human connection. It creates a common language that fosters diversity, inclusivity and togetherness.

More creativity and learning

Changes in the world mean organisations must keep evolving. It can feel draining! The diversity of play sparks innovation, fresh ideas and new ways of learning.

More motivation and enjoyment

If we love doing something we tend to be better at it. And want more of it. Deliver your purpose in a way that engages all of your people. Ramp up the play — within the act of the work itself.

Are your people practices, structures, or resilience in need of a rethink?

There is no end of challenges leaders are facing today. The key thing is coming out stronger on the other side. We’re here to help you improve the place from which you operate and navigate change. So you’ll be better prepared for the unknown.

Play at work is not brand new, but a personalised understanding of play connected to the act of work is. It’s fresh and experimental. But also grounded in common-sense, stacks of research and our own experience. You’ll be able to rethink and elevate the importance of play, then expand and evolve its use.

Ready to play?

Enjoy an experience that’s familiar, yet different (and playfilled*)

Engaging with us will include things you’d expect – like organisational design, leadership advisory, coaching and workshops. You’ll also get emerging practices, and some shiny new methods based on our own philosophy, models and tools.

* Playfilled /plei’fild/ Adjective
Feeling joy and wholeness from the flow-like state of play

Intrigued? There’s a relationship to meet you where you are.


We’re dating

Support your team with engaging workshop(s) on play, creativity and resilience.

  • Bring together a new team virtually or energise an existing one
  • Learn how purposeful play can unlock hidden creativity
  • Gain new insights on how to motivate and engage each other
  • (You also get to know us better.)


We’re going steady

Improve team results or solve an issue with a tailored programme developed for hybrid working.

  • Practical 1:1 leader support to uncover the right strategy for your challenges
  • Experience some new ways of working to shift your culture
  • Practical insights for everyone on creativity and better collaboration


We’re committed

Transform your organisation’s resilience by purposefully embedding play in your culture.

  • Send a clear signal to the world that you’re ready to do things differently
  • Have a supportive explorer alongside you to discover the way forward
  • Invite everyone to actively reimagine the future of your organisation

There are limited spots available.

It’s still early days and we’re fired up by quality, not quantity. Get in touch for an exploratory conversation or to join our waitlist.

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