Inside the minds of 40 people-first leaders

We interviewed 40 people-first leaders about the challenges they were facing today and this whitepaper report highlights the common themes and priorities shared by these forward-thinking leaders.

87% of the leaders we spoke with rated their top issue as ‘critical’ to their organisation, with an average 61% gap in meeting the challenge effectively.

The challenges of 2020 have left businesses needing to rethink and reshape their ways of working. During our conversations, eight key questions emerged which we share to help you rethink the experience of work.

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The Play Mindset by Playfilled

What is the “play mindset”? Why care? How is it different? Well it enables individuals to say YES to the full human experience with joy and resilience. And organisations create healthy workplace systems for people to thrive, adapt and create.

We’ve explored this for quite a while now and sharing our first version* below, inspired by so many wonderful people and books.

*It might evolve, it might not, but we won’t know until we try it out with others…

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