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Our change fitness model

Why another model (even if it is good-looking 😉)?

We believe org change fitness starts inside individuals. An organisation is simply a collection of individuals gathered around a common purpose after all.

Org change readiness and fitness continue to be top priorities. And too right, as there’s stacks of always-on change these days [insert long list here, must mention AI].

We sensed a need to get back to basics. To look at what enables individuals to change – and to thrive throughout it.

And perhaps help join some dots across the skills, wellbeing and org redesign spaces, as all roads still lead to us humans.

We like the change readiness traits for individuals that Dr. Robert Kriegel developed. And we’re building on them by looking at the core conditions that need to be present for people to have these.

These elements of change core strength (‘the vitals’) are intuitive for us:

  • Muscle: Creativity – New pathways are formed when we’re creatively confident and have built our skill & practice
  • Fuel: Wellbeing – Performance of all kinds is directly impacted by our energy, mood and work comfort levels
  • Motion: Connectivity – Progress happens when we feel like we belong, have quality interactions and can contribute

What do you sense and feel?

What we’re proposing is not brand new. But it’s simple and measurable; enabling us to generate data to help you have new conversations and ideas on how to conquer the change marathon.

Individual Change Fitness Model

All models are wrongbut some are useful– George Box 

Evidence and references

We could provide a lovely long list of references here to show we’ve done our homework 🤓

… but to be honest, we’re over proving ourselves.

We’re looking for partners who sense we’re diligent, as well as having a few scars and interesting moves from our experience.

[References 📚 and hearts ❤️ can be searched on request]

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