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Change Management Institute Event

We hosted a virtual event for the Change Management Institute UK chapter on “Change Fitness: Creating the Conditions for Change” in June 2024.

Change Management Institute
Participants enjoyed exploring our change fitness model in an interactive session with taster exercises that help people thrive through the change marathon.

Change managers took-away ideas for simple change fitness experiments. They have the opportunity to be pioneers and embed practices for healthy high performance, to support people through change whilst positively shifting culture long-term.

Insight highlights:

  • We foresee that leading organisations will use day-to-day wellbeing interventions as a key driver of their change fitness – and will join the dots between wellbeing data and change adoption metrics.
  • Whilst structured processes remain essential for innovation and change, ideas and new pathways ultimately start with people. Collective habits can develop our creative toolkit, practice, and confidence.
  • Given that most change is cross-functional, the business case for increasing inclusive connection is compelling. A simple way to enable this is to include creative networking in change management practices.

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