What does play mean to you?

Play is as important as sleep and as powerful as purpose

It’s bold. But there is a wealth of evidence that play leads to better performance, as does quality sleep. Play also boosts motivation, like having a clear sense of purpose. Don’t worry. We’re here to reframe your understanding of play and make it work for you.

Play is the most enjoyable way to create change and build resilience

We know what it’s like trying to hold it together when you are navigating disruption and change. All of that on top of balancing people’s needs with meeting targets. But we’ve also experienced how reimagining life through play can help show the way, at work and beyond. So we now diagnose resilience and prescribe play to enable success – whatever that means for you.

More effective decisions

Your organisation is only as valuable as the decisions it makes and executes. The lack of resilience hampers decision-making.

More inclusive collaboration

Play fast-tracks and maintains human connection. It creates a common language that fosters diversity, inclusivity and togetherness.

More creativity and learning

Changes in the world mean organisations must keep evolving. The diversity of play sparks innovation, ideas and new ways of learning.

More motivation and enjoyment

If we love doing something we tend to be better at it. And want more of it. Unlock your purpose by ramping up play within the act of work itself.

Our co-founding story

Tzuki Stewart and Pauline McNulty achieved lots on paper, driven by society’s idea of what it means to be successful. But behind the scenes it was a rocky road. Something was missing from their work. After years of research and self-discovery, they realised it was a sense of play.

Tzuki and Pauline united around the notion that play is misunderstood and undervalued in adulthood. They believe play can tap into the hidden potential of people and organisations, bringing more joy to life and work.

Tzuki Stewart & Pauline McNulty

Playing startups together

Pauline asked Tzuki if she wanted to explore the concept of play in early 2020. It all began as an experiment. Both play in their own way. Pauline’s imagination starts the creative vision and Tzuki’s discerning energy brings it to life. It’s handy they have a wealth of corporate experience and credentials between them too.

Tzuki Stewart, Partner

Former management consultant advising global banks, insurers & asset managers on strategic change initiatives. Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder with pensions investment experience. MBA.

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Pauline McNulty, Principal

Former executive leader: global strategy Programme Director, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Internal Audit and Diversity & Inclusion Executive Sponsor. Qualified Coach, Change Practitioner and Accountant.

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Connecting the dots with simple but powerful data

An organisation is ultimately a gathering of humans. A harmonised view of all levels in your system is powerful. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Empowering you to create your own solutions

For change to take hold, it has to come from within. We provide insights and tools. But everyone needs the time to design and test their own solutions.

A lean global network of playful partners

Collective intelligence is essential for success. We’ve spent time getting to know people around the world and finding the right players to support you.

On a mission to put ourselves out of business

To play is to be human. Once play is understood and valued for adults as it is for children, we fulfil our purpose. And so our next adventure will begin.