Can we enjoy work more?

Build organisational resilience and tap into human creativity through the power of play

Long-term success depends on your people’s resilience. Unlocking purpose, performance and profit has to start with them. There’s more to play than you think.


Are you experiencing growing pains, large-scale transformation or the need to encourage more creativity and innovation in your team? We know how these feel.
Navigating change is complex. You can only do it well with resilient people. They make better decisions, find more innovative solutions and tend to get along better. Their creativity and wellbeing is key to your organisations’ performance. And that’s where purposeful play comes in.
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Let's play

“Play has often been relegated to occasional team-building events, but research shows it is the very thing that energizes us and opens us to new possibilities.” 

– Simon Sinek

Help people thrive, not just survive

78% of workers world-wide are either not engaged or actively disengaged (Gallup, 2021). Wellbeing initiatives often fail because they are around work, not about work. We use play to reimagine work itself. Play is a more enjoyable path to resilience. It’s the starting point for more intrinsic motivation and better decisions. The fuel of high performance.

Imagine a better way of working

Unlock creativity and inclusive collaboration

Play looks and feels different for everyone. Understanding how each person likes to play can be powerful. The language of play expands our perspectives on creativity. It taps into the value of diversity within inclusive teams. Play is the most natural way to connect people and learn. And discover innovative ideas together.

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Develop your culture with new ways of working

Changing expectations of work require a shift in culture to attract and retain talent. We’ll partner with you to find practical ways to bring your organisational purpose to life and navigate new ways of working together in a hybrid world. Play is the most natural path to seeing and approaching work differently.

Evolve your culture with practical, relevant insights

“We really enjoyed it. The balance between exercises and thought provoking information was perfect. Great feedback from the team. Brilliant work!”
Miriam Vizvary
Director of Applied Analytics, Sky
“Creating sustainable inclusive workplace cultures requires changing how we work. This simple yet impactful approach provides invaluable insight on how we define and perform meaningful work and incorporate this in our people and business strategy.”
Tali Shlomo
HR Director, Diversity, Inclusion (D&I) and Wellbeing Thought Leader