Can we thrive through continuous change?

Let’s nail the change marathon

Boost your change fitness with tailored Wonder HIIT programmes and clubs on-demand
Like it or not, we’re being forced to evolve and find better ways of working. But change can’t take root quickly if it’s met with a wall of resistance.
And breaking down the wall – again and again – is draining.
Creativity, wellbeing and connectivity are the muscle, fuel and motion that ignite change naturally. Smash your goals by keeping your core vitals tight with feel-good Wonder HIIT training.
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[Singalong with us… ‘Let’s get playfilled, plaayyyfilled’]

‘The core of Google’s success is its innovation enabling people to play.’

– Sundar Pichai, CEO
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Build creative muscle to switch up your game.

New pathways are formed when we’re creatively confident and have neat skills. But don’t train with an 80s-style workout video; make the training itself more fulfilling. Like joining a fabulous fancy gym.

100% valuable use of time rating for Wonder HIIT sessions

Build cute change guns

Refuel your wellbeing tanks sustainably.

We don’t need to tell you that performance of all kinds is directly impacted by our energy, mood and work comfort levels [oops, we just did]. Naturally revitalise with feel-good resistance training.

Generate a 19% uplift in mood and energy in just 12 mins

Fill up at your change club

Get in motion with powerful connectivity.

Progress happens when we feel like we belong, have quality interactions, and can contribute. Effortlessly form the inclusive connections you need, whilst gently nudging how people show up.

Meeting up in gym gear gets a 95% positive experience rating.

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